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Try The Deep Dish!


We will be at VegFest 2024!!!



Not going to lie, I was extremely skeptical about eating a 100% plant based cookie.  However, I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY at the taste and quality.  Sarah, the owner, went above and beyond with her customer service.   You MUST give them a shot, I will be shocked if you don't have the same expereince as I did.

I had the opportunity to sample a few of these cookies recently (The Oat Raisin and The Morethanoreo). They are both absolutely delicious!
I'm not a plant-based or vegan person in general, but I would choose these over any other cookie that I've had in my 44 years.
I also happen to know the owner and she is amazing. Her work ethic and dedication to quality are second to none. You will NOT be disappointed.

Love these cookies and their homemade flavors. Just the right amount of soft cookie in the middle and the flavor is amazing! I would never had guessed that they are plant based. I had one yesterday, and it left me wanting more. They would be great gifts & a special treat for both friends and clients!!

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