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What Makes Crumb City Special? (See Nutrition Comparison)

We have tried dozens of recipes, we have tried many plant-based cookies, nothing left an impression quite like the dough we settled on. The texture is perfect, soft with a crispy crunch around the perimeter. The ingredients are actually better for you. No vegetable oil, butter, dairy milk, we are 100% plant based. 

Small Business/Behind the Scenes?

We are committed to providing consistent, irresistible, innovative, and classic cookies. If you are new to plant-based, it seems almost everything plant-based or vegan costs more, sometimes a significant amount more. With running a small business, we had to factor in, the costs of the ingredients, the time it takes to shop/bake, insurance, website maintenance, credit card fees, the ingredients and toppings, packaging, labels, marketing. We try to keep our prices fair and have big goals for the future of Crumb City, your support means the world to us.

I love supporting local, and small. We are a husband and wife team, and we love what we do! It is easy to look past all of the operational costs that go into a Cottage Bakery, however, we are excited to offer gourmet plant-based cookies, we are operating "by the book" to ensure compliance with Colorado.

Can you ship?

We are starting off small. We can ship in Colorado only at this time. Our goal is to spread the word, and grow as the business does.

Ordering options?

We deliver to most towns north of Denver. If you are not within the towns listed, text the baker! We will try to accommodate and work with you! We offer pick up *Carbon Valley Rec Center* and will ship in Colorado!

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Overall Best Cookie, 2nd Place overall Vegan Chef Winner!

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